Introducing Planeteria Brewhouse 9

The best things are brought to us through well balanced teamwork.  We could give lots of cliché examples to this point, but we don’t think you require them to know that this statement about good teams delivering better products is truth. The sky is blue, water is wet and multiple heads that work well together… Read more »

How Color Schemes in Web Design Can Impact Conversions

Multicolored Flower, Vector Concept

One of the various decisions that have to be made in the web design process is the choice in color scheme. From the borders and background to the graphics, headers and buttons, the color scheme can be a foundation for the rest of a website’s design. And while that’s one major reason to be careful… Read more »

When Should I Redesign My Website?

Website Redesign

Website design is similar to fashion – it changes every year. You don’t have to keep up with the latest website designs every year. After all, Amazon has had the same general design for its product pages for two decades. However, users expect certain design standards when they access your site and some of these… Read more »

Who Uses WordPress

Why WordPress Denver

As we have cited in other articles, WordPress is the 500 pound gorilla in content management system (CMS) world.  With nearly 20% of all websites using WordPress and it having a large market share in against other CMS platforms, roughly 58% of all CMS sites, it is the current leader.  Until recently this has been challenging for… Read more »

Will a WordPress eCommerce Solution Will Work for My Business?

How to Know Whether a WordPress eCommerce Solution Will Work for Your Business

If you’re looking for an eCommerce solution for your site, expect to be bombarded with thousands of opinions and options. For a new site owner, it can be confusing. Do a little research, and you’re sure to find WordPress as an option. WordPress is tempting for a site owner, because it’s easy to get started,… Read more »