Why WordPress is Great for Business Websites

Why WordPress Denver

In the past few years, business web designers and their clients have been making the switch from old static HTML and table-based web designs to more modern layouts, platforms, and content management systems. The most popular of these has undoubtedly been WordPress, which now serves as the basis for hundreds of millions of different blogs,… Read more »

Google Confirms Using HTTPS As A Ranking Signal

Google HTTPS Ranking Signal

On August 6, 2014 Google announced that it has started using sites that use HTTPS as a ranking signal. As of this post they are using it at a “lightweight” signal affecting few than 1% of global queries and carrying less weight than other signals.  Where the announcement gets interesting to us is the following… Read more »

Is Your Business Website Really Mobile Ready?

Mobile Ready

We wish it weren’t true, but the extent of “mobile marketing” at a lot of companies basically amounts to having a few people checking the business website on an iPhone, making sure the pages come up, and calling the job finished. While that might not be a bad first step, it’s certainly not enough to… Read more »

Googlebot Notices For SSL Certificates

Googlebot Notices For SSL Certificates

As hinted by Matt Cutts a few weeks ago, it appears Googlebot is visiting websites and trying to connect using https. A number of site owners have received messages in their Webmaster Tools like: – GOOGLEBOT NOTICED YOUR SITE, HTTPS://WWW.SITENAME.COM, USES AN SSL CERTIFICATE WHICH MAY BE CONSIDERED INVALID BY WEB BROWSERS – WE HAVE… Read more »

Should Your Business Website Get a Part-Time Job?

Usually, when clients come to us for a new business website, it’s because they want to attract more customers online. In other words, internet marketing is the top priority, with things like search engine optimization, social media marketing, and email newsletters amongst the biggest items on their wish lists. But, even though sales and marketing… Read more »