Who Uses WordPress

As we have cited in other articles, WordPress is the 500 pound gorilla in content management system (CMS) world.  With nearly 20% of all websites using WordPress and it having a large market share in against other CMS platforms, roughly 58% of all CMS sites, it is the current leader.  Until recently this has been challenging for many companies and web design firms to accept.

There have been opponents of WordPress stating that it is a blogging platform only and that it is insecure.  WordPress has a very large customer base but also some very big websites that challenge this thinking. Not only do major brands use WordPress for their blogging platform but many brands also use WordPress for their full site build-out. Here are just a few of WordPress’s customers, some may surprise you.


Big Brands That Use WordPress


– Leading Technology Web Blog
TechCrunch Screenshot


– Variety is the premier source of entertainment news.
Variety Screenshot

BBC America

– Huge news company
BBCAmerica Screenshot

Snoop Dogg

– My personal favorite!  If ya don’t know, now ya know!
SnoopDogg Screenshot

The Next Web

– online news publication with over 7.2 million monthly visitors.
TheNextWeb Screenshot

The New Yorker

– one of the oldest magazine publications founded in 1925.
TheNewYorker Screenshot

Fortune Magazine

– the business magazine made famous by its “Fortune 500” list.
FortuneMagazine Screenshot

Time Magazine

– published since 1923 and famous for its “Person of the Year.”
Time Magazine Screenshot


– German auto maker and multi-billion dollar company.
MercedesBenz Screenshot

Eye9 Design

– Uh Yeah…we use it too.

Big Brand Blog Platforms That Use WordPress

TED Talks Blog


LinkedIn Blog

LinkedIn Blog

Reuters Blog

Reuters Blog

UPS Blog


Playstation Blog

PS Blog

General Motors Car Blog

GM Blog

Trello Blog

Trello Blog

New York Times Blog

NYT Blog

People Magazine: Style Blog

People Blog

MTV News

MTV News

Microsoft Windows Blog

MS Blog

As you can see WordPress has come a long way in making a secure platform and does an exceptional job posting new releases to prevent security breeches. It is important for anyone using an open source CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc., that they ALL have security vulnerabilities and they ALL are susceptible to hacks.

This is the downside of using community supported software. Most think, us included, that this is a small price to pay to have access to use a framework so flexible and functional. WordPress has thousands of contributors and yes the “bad guys” read the vulnerability releases and try to exploit them, but there are more good guys looking to protect your site.

Isn’t WordPress only for blogging? 3-4 years ago we would almost agree but that just isn’t the case anymore. WordPress does still have the best native blogging engine but it is fantastic in many other ways too (plugin availability, ease of use, available programmers and best of all, the price is right…FREE).

If you have ever used Joomla or Drupal and you switch to a recent version of WordPress you will quickly see why it is the leading CMS platform. Not taking anything away from Joomla and Drupal, we have a number of customers that use these CMS systems, we just like the WordPress’s offering and so do our customers. If you want to see all the people that showcase their WordPress sites you can check it out here.