4 Web Design Myths to Look Out For

Tall tales. Urban myths. In this article we tackle four design myths we occasionally encounter. If you have space…use it >>> !!! *** Be catchy *** !!! <<< Web content and printed content are the same It pays to be different Myth #1: If you have space…use it You paid your designer to create an… Read more »

Advantages of CSS Web Design over Tables

Web sites are comprised of a series of text files that contain a system of code called HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language). Your browser reads these text files and then displays the content accordingly onto your screen.Traditionally HTML files of a web site were coded using tables. Tables are similar to a Microsoft Excel spread… Read more »

CMS – the freedom to manage your own website

Over the past several years, we have observed a strong trend towards using content management systems in website design and ecommerce development. Increasingly, clients ask for the ability to manage their own website. First of all, what is a CMS? CMS stands for Content Management System. As the name indicates, it is a back end… Read more »

Free PayPal Shopping Cart vs. Integrated Ecommerce Solutions

While most of our clients choose an integrated ecommerce shopping cart, the free PayPal shopping cart provides a compelling option for those with limited needs…and a limited budget. What are the advantages of each? Integrated ecommerce shopping cart: we develop a cart on your hosting account, so that the entire secure shopping and checkout process… Read more »

Web 2.0…am I missing something?

Clients will ask me from time to time, with trepidation on their face: “What is web 2.0?” The underlying question is: “Am I missing something?” Web 2.0 “refers to a perceived second-generation of Web based communities and hosted services such as social networking sites, wikis and folksonomies that facilitate collaboration and sharing between users” (Wikipedia)…. Read more »