Mobile and Web Design & Google’s April Algorithm Changes

Google Algorithm Mobile Websites April

What started out as a trend has now become an unstoppable tidal wave of change – mobile computing and responsive web design are here to stay. Depending on which set of studies and experts you believe, mobile web users will either become the majority online in 2015 or already did several months ago. Either way,… Read more »

Eye9 Design Nominated for CSS Web Design Award

Eye9 Design CSS Award Nomination

What a great way to start the day by opening my email to find out that we have been nominated for a CSS Design Award.  CSS Design Awards is an internationally recognized platform that awards and promotes outstanding creativity and technical excellence in the field of web design and development.  This is a great honor for… Read more »

What Marketing Managers Need to Know About Web Design

Marketing Managers Need to Know Web Design

Marketing and business web design are certainly related, but they aren’t the same thing. It’s probably no surprise, then, that a lot of the business owners and executives that come to us have strong feelings about layouts and web technology, but aren’t sure what they need in terms of specifics on their pages. Luckily, web… Read more »

How to Squeeze More Out Of WordPress

Get the most out of WordPress

One thing business owners and executives love about WordPress-based websites is that they are so easy too install and update. But, as we’ve noticed from time to time, the simplicity of WordPress can almost be too much of a good thing – that is, clients and marketers sometimes forget that there are still a few… Read more »

Why WordPress is Great for Business Websites

Why WordPress Denver

In the past few years, business web designers and their clients have been making the switch from old static HTML and table-based web designs to more modern layouts, platforms, and content management systems. The most popular of these has undoubtedly been WordPress, which now serves as the basis for hundreds of millions of different blogs,… Read more »