Website Monitoring, Updates and Patching

Now that content management systems (CMS) have taken over as the platform of choice for publishing web sites, they have become highly targeted by groups and individuals with bad intentions. Well use WordPress as the example but they all are subject to the same security risks, update needs and vulnerabilities.  That’s right, Drupal, Joomla, Magento,… Read more »

WordPress SEO Tools

WordPress has become the undisputed leader for Content Management Systems (CMS).  There are pretty consistent statistics stating that nearly 20% of all websites use WordPress and of all sites that use a CMS, WordPress is used by an incredible 58% of them.  That is staggering and also a testament to how powerful WordPress is.  One… Read more »

Web Hosting – Do You Do It?

Something we get asked frequently is if we do web hosting. Fortunately at eye9 Design we have deep systems and networking experience as well as web design and search engine marketing. Even though we do offer hosting as a value added service, our number one priority is to ensure that the customer’s needs are met…. Read more »

What’s this HTML5 Business I Keep Hearing About?

At eye9 Design we created our first Denver Web Design using HTML close to 12 years ago. We all know HTML is the language websites are built with and that allows us to view web pages in the browser. The original HTML was invented right along with the internet in the early 90’s and has… Read more »

How Old Is Too Old

If your website has remained unchanged (without a new web design) and been online for some time, we can predict a few things.  Not all of them may be spot on, but our experience is you are seeing a number, if not all, of these; 1) It is likely dropping in SEO rankings. 2) Your… Read more »