What’s this HTML5 Business I Keep Hearing About?

At eye9 Design we created our first Denver Web Design using HTML close to 12 years ago. We all know HTML is the language websites are built with and that allows us to view web pages in the browser. The original HTML was invented right along with the internet in the early 90’s and has been through quite a few changes since. While each version has made it easier to work with multimedia on the web, it has not been updated in nearly ten years. And let’s face it. In the world of technology, that is a lifetime! HTML and CSS are often called “markup” because it makes web pages with programming (user interaction) like php, asp and asp.net look pretty. HTML5 changes this paradigm and can be more like a programming language and not just used to make pages look pretty.

Because HTML has been a little behind the times, we have become accustomed to using different programs for all kinds of multimedia. For example, when users started uploading more videos online, there wasn’t a way to naturally integrate them into HTML. This roadblock created a marketplace for companies to produce their own video players such as Windows Media Player, Flash, and Quick Time to get around it. HTML5 will be the first of its kind to deal with the barrier and build video and other multimedia right into its code. Ideally, this should make all those other plug-ins obsolete. The new version should also create a standard and consistent web experience across all browsers and all devices.  HTML5 will be used heavily, and already is, on mobile applications and mobile websites.

Video is a big advancement but HTML5 offers a lot more and is quickly turning into a must have skill set. HTML5 will provide developers with:

New Elements and Attributes for greater control

  • Full CSS3 Support
  • Video and Audio Improvements
  • 2D and 3D Graphics
  • Local Storage
  • SQL Database use
  • Web Applications that were traditionally only possible with programming languages like php and asp.

Although some internet browsers are already implementing select features of the HTML5, the full version will not be released until the end of 2014. All of the standards for HTML are defined at http://www.w3.org/.  HTML5 is a big deal and we are all in at eye9 Design.