How Old Is Too Old

If your website has remained unchanged (without a new web design) and been online for some time, we can predict a few things.  Not all of them may be spot on, but our experience is you are seeing a number, if not all, of these;

1) It is likely dropping in SEO rankings.

2) Your customers have noticed that your website is dated and doesn’t reflect the product or service you provide.

3) You are likely missing a lot of new “cool” features for a website (mobile friendly, galleries, blogs, etc.).

4) As Google and the other search engines continue to refine their algorithms, your site lacks the components and flexibility to be “liked” and keep up with your competitors.

5) Speaking of “liked”, does your website have any social media integration?  Probably not.

6) Your business has changed, you have new things you can share with your customers but haven’t.

Do you need a redesign?  Well, that all depends.  We love a lot of our customer’s websites we created 5 years ago and fortunately for us, we built them on frameworks that have grown with their company needs.  Could they use a refresh or update?  Depends.  I bet you thought you wouldn’t hear that from a web design company.  Like we have said, we aren’t like the rest.

If any of the above predictions are true about your website, it is worth understanding your options.  A simple question we ask our customers and try to fully understand is “what does your website mean to your business” and if it is a new business “what role will your website play in your new business”? Typically, much like a cell phone and email, the answer is that the website is critical and they can’t live without it.  Are you investing in the things that can and do make your business grow?

How old is too old?  Well, it just depends.  We are here to help align your business goals with your website through design, consulting, search engine optimization and digital strategies. Even though we are geeks, we are fun geeks who speak “human” and we really enjoy hearing from businesses all over world and throughout different industries.