Is Your Business Website Really Mobile Ready?

We wish it weren’t true, but the extent of “mobile marketing” at a lot of companies basically amounts to having a few people checking the business website on an iPhone, making sure the pages come up, and calling the job finished. While that might not be a bad first step, it’s certainly not enough to ensure that you’re making the most of mobile web traffic opportunities.

So, is your business website really mobile ready?

The answer might not be as simple as you think, but it’s an important question nonetheless. People who are paid to think and worry about these kinds of things predicted, and it has come true, that mobile web users outnumber “traditional” laptop and desktop web surfers. That means the majority of your future traffic – including your most important customers – could be coming to you through mobile devices.

With that in mind, is a quick check of your website on a phone or tablet enough preparation? We don’t think so. Here are a few of the items we run through with our clients and a checklist when assessing mobile readiness.

Do you have a mobile website, or a responsive web design? Although most companies don’t need a dedicated mobile-only website, they should invest in a responsive business website that adjusts itself to a visitor’s platform and screen size. This is Google’s best practice and the downside of loading speed can be overcome with tools and a good web design company (wink…wink).

Do you have a mobile navigation structure? Have you ever tried to tap your way through a complex website only to leave in frustration? That’s not the experience you want to give your customers, and it usually takes a few minor tweaks to make your site easier to navigate on a small screen.

Do you have large images and slow loading times? We all know that mobile web connections aren’t always perfect, and that many of us have expensive data plans to keep an eye on. You can do your mobile customers a big favor by making your site’s size and speed manageable.  Google has been very clear that this is a must for them to serve up your site in their results.  They are so passionate about it that they even have a tool called Google Page Speed Insights.

Does your site require lots of typing? Mobile users generally want to scroll and click (touch).  Mobile optimized sites to a great job of presenting dropdowns and radio buttons, not so much with typing in long strings of information. Make it easy for them to register, purchase, or take other actions by keeping it simple whenever possible.

Is your site frequently tested and updated? Mobile platforms and operating systems change all the time, which means savvy business owners aren’t ignoring their websites. A periodic check is all that’s needed to ensure your pages aren’t producing errors for mobile customers.

It’s never been so important to be ready for the mobile web revolution… but then again, it’s never been so easy, either. Why not give us a call today and let us show you how we can turn your existing business website into something that works well for all of your potential customers, regardless of what kind of computer or mobile device they use to come to you online?  Price quotes are free, we’d love to hear from you.