Free PayPal Shopping Cart vs. Integrated Ecommerce Solutions

While most of our clients choose an integrated ecommerce shopping cart, the free PayPal shopping cart provides a compelling option for those with limited needs…and a limited budget.

What are the advantages of each?

  • Integrated ecommerce shopping cart: we develop a cart on your hosting account, so that the entire secure shopping and checkout process stays on your server. This allows us complete control over the shopping experience. It also enables us to use an integrated content management system (CMS) like Mambo, and gives you the SEO benefit of having all the product information on your domain.

    If you are looking for a flexible, powerful, and scalable long term ecommerce solution, choose an integrated shopping cart.

  • External ecommerce PayPal shopping cart: we develop a shopping cart which allows your visitors the benefit of buying multiple quantities and items. Since it is hosted entirely on PayPal’s servers, this requires less setup and therefore is less expensive.
    If you are new to ecommerce, or simply have limited ecommerce needs, the free PayPal shopping cart is an excellent alternative.

    • Example:
    • Here what Justen Byler of says about his new site:
      eye9 took a small business idea and created a website to suit even the biggest business. The overall look and the functionality, including PayPal incorporation into the site matched and then exceeded our expectations. We look forward to a long relationship with eye9.

Are you interested in taking advantage of the myriad of opportunities presented by internet commerce? Contact us today, and select “eCommerce” for your area of interest.

*A note of clarification: PayPal does offer payment processing services (Website Payments Pro) for integrated shopping carts as well. The free PayPal shopping cart demonstrated here (Website Payments Standard) is an external shopping cart, hosted on PayPal’s servers.