Why should you invest in good design?

As a business owner, I know it is essential that we examine all of our expenditures. This is even more important in a down economy. As you approach your upcoming website design or graphic design project, why should you invest in good design?

  • In a world where we are constantly bombarded with media (web, print advertising); good design allows you to stand out or at a minimum hold a strong placement against your competitors
  • Good design can create a bond (association) between you and and your target demographic.
  • Good design clearly portrays your brand and ideals to potential clients/customers; for example, a green company emphasizing their commitment to the environment
  • Good design elevates the perceived quality of services by demonstrating your commitment to excellence in everything, including your collateral

USER INTERFACE DESIGN (behind the scene) – Also known as: Information Architecture

Good design must include excellent User Interface Design. UID is summarized in the question: “how difficult (or easy) is the website to use”

  • When applied to designing websites, UID refers to the structure and flow of a site. If a site is difficult to navigate, making it hard to find what you are looking for, the user most likely will not contact the site owner or purchase a product.
  • Well structured websites have a natural information flow that most users will find comfortable. Comfort on the web is beneficial as there is no knowledgeable salesperson at your visitor’s side to guide them. The web is a self-service environment, with no instruction manual or training. Good UID ensures your user can find what they need, and guides them to your conversion pages
  • A good user experience forms positive impressions of your product/service offerings, allowing visitors to intuitively access the information they need. This will be a primary factor in whether or not they come back!